Seductive Cupcakes & Hazelnuts – A #DateMe Birthday Weekend

How Does One Man’s Birthday Lead To…

  • A Handful Of Hazelnuts
  • A Racy Cupcake Video
  • And TWO Full Nights of Celebration?

Read on to find out how we celebrated our very own Sam Super’s birthday.

And, of course, to see This Week’s Audience Feature where YOU are the star at #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment.

Ok. Let’s DO This!

Happy Birthday, Sam!

This is Sam Super.

Happy Birthday 2DAY!

This past Saturday night was his birthday. But this pic was taken on Sunday…and the writing on the mirror reads “Happy Birthday 2DAY”.

What is going on???…

Day One Of Birthday

Sam arrives backstage. Greg Komorowski and I need him to leave the dressing room so we can deliver our HILARIOUSLY clever gifts.

Our stage manager Jaci Entwisle quickly comes up with a plan:

“I need two bodies!”

…and summons Sam and our Musical Director Jeff Strickland backstage to “Re-Adjust Some Lights” for our Audience Volunteer pics.

Greg and I quickly place our gifts and await Sam’s return…

Screenshot 2017-05-10 11.11.39
Filberts (AKA Hazelnuts), Toffifay & Ferrero Candy with HAZELNUTS!

So, What’s With All The HAZELNUTS?

Well, awhile back Jaci was talking about how much she loves Toffifay, the popular German hazelnut candy. (Toffifee in Germany for all you purists).

At some point she mentioned having a “Handful of Hazelnuts”, which prompted Sam to proclaim that it sounded like an Old Timey musical number.

He then burst into song and we got this Gem improvised by Sam, Jeff & Greg. We now present:

A Handful Of Hazelnuts…

Seriously, none of us can get this song out of our heads so it’s become a running theme. Hence all the Hazelnut gifts.

If you just can’t get enough, (and we CAN’T) here’s a REPRISE after Sam opened his gifts…

Pickle Card

I also got Sam a card with a dancing pickle in it. Because I think I’m hilarious…

Pump up the Volume to fully experience these Hot Pickle Jams!

A Gift From Diane…

And, as always, our thoughtful producer Diane Alexander got Sam a gift. Here he is opening it.

Take your time, Sam…

Awww… It’s Super Stylish SOCKS!


These socks deserve a Close-Up:

Screenshot 2017-05-10 11.11.27
Birthday Socks

Diane Also Brought… CUPCAKES!

We are thoroughly spoiled when it  comes to Cupcakes. Diane really does find excuses to get them for us on ANY occasion. And these were from one of our favorite places, Sweet Mandy B’s.

Watch myself and Jeff Strickland demonstrate just how much we LOVE cupcakes.

I tried my best to commit, but Jeff is the true rockstar here.

Cupcake Seduction:

Camerawork, editing, and musical selection by Carisa Barreca.

The cast of #DateMe also came up with the following descriptive Hashtags for our Insta post. True storytelling at play here…















Day Two Of Birthday

Long story short… Carisa came in Saturday to sign the group birthday card and was shocked to find that Sam’s birthday was THAT NIGHT!

“Oh no! I was going to bake him a cake!”

Anyone who knows Carisa knows that she loves to bake. And, on special occasions, we always get hand baked treats!

Instead of giving up she just decided to Re-brand Sam’s birthday to Sunday. So we got to celebrate again the next day by eating this DELICIOUS angel food cake:

Screenshot 2017-05-10 14.48.07
Beautiful Cake by Carisa
Beautiful Cake by Carisa & Sam’s Thumb

So that’s it. Full of Hazelnuts, Sweets & Laughter we say goodbye to Sam Super’s birthday.

And Now Onto YOU!!

Every week we feature our favorite moments from the previous week’s #DateMe audience.

We had submissions via:


Follow us on those platforms!

Who knows. YOU might be featured!!!

Profile Names

We ask our audience to create their own Profile Names.

This Week’s Favorites Are:

Screenshot 2017-05-04 17.55.50

YES! These ladies look like fun. And they’re beautiful.

Alas, I can only wonder what this guy looks like:

Screenshot 2017-05-10 11.12.14

Not the most Attractive sounding name. But it does make me laugh. #YOLK

6 Things You Can’t Live Without

One of the questions OkCupid asks their users is:

“What Are The 6 Things You Can’t Live Without?”

We recite several of these answers from user profiles Verbatim in #DateMe.

But then we want to hear from YOU.

We asked. You Tweeted.

Here Are This Week’s Favorites:

The more specific the better. Nice work, everyone!

Screenshot 2017-05-09 11.07.17Screenshot 2017-05-04 15.57.46

Screenshot 2017-05-04 15.58.18

Incorporating R Kelly AND Bob Ross? Yes, please!

Screenshot 2017-05-04 14.24.17Screenshot 2017-05-04 14.22.47Screenshot 2017-05-09 11.09.50

And Then the SWEETEST 6 Things Of ALL Time:

Screenshot 2017-05-09 14.36.29

Okay, this is just ADORABLE. Seriously, dude, she is all you need!

Also, ABS RIPTIDE is a Badass name! Lucky (and lovely) lady, this one!

Favorite Pics

I’ll do my regular collage of pics below. But some audience Pics need to be posted with their captions…

International Ladies!

Screenshot 2017-05-04 14.23.58

Ladies, REPRESENT! And that Finnish word they’re referring to is…


Anyone who’s seen #DateMe or done online dating knows that Grammar is a Polarizing topic.

Love This Shot Of Show AND Audience:

Screenshot 2017-05-04 18.00.12

Do We Love Crazy Cat DUDES?? – DUH!

Screenshot 2017-05-11 12.43.50

This Cracked Me Up:

Screenshot 2017-05-04 22.58.38
At Least We Can Die Alone Together

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud…

Screenshot 2017-05-09 14.57.25
We’re Dead Inside

And Then I Saw It Again With Another Funny Caption…

Screenshot 2017-05-10 11.18.07
We Met On Craigslist

Craigslist?! Part of me REALLY wants that to be true.

And Sorry Everyone — These Two Cuties Are Taken!

Screenshot 2017-05-10 11.04.11
Sorry OkCupid Users

Bachelorette MADNESS

We had an Inordinate amount of Bachelorette Parties at our show this weekend.

I guess it’s Springtime. SO…Bring It On!

Screenshot 2017-05-09 11.16.09



Congratulations Everyone! LOVE WINS!

#DateMe Photo Booth

As always, I’ll close out this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth & show this week.

There were TOO many good ones to choose from! If you want a bigger view, just click the photo.

Look How Much Fun Everyone Is Having!

So get to UP Comedy Club for #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment THIS WEEKEND!

AND don’t forget to follow DateMe Diaries on ALL the platforms for daily content:

Much Love,


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