We are Questioning SO many things…

Yes, it’s complicated. A show based off an online dating experiment that has spun into a blog.

This is the page where I can clarify things.

Every night after #DateMe audience members ask me questions. I’ll try to address the most common ones here. And if you have more, leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

These are the most common questions I get on a regular basis:

  • That was really you? If you see the show this question makes a lot of sense because I play myself. There are several personal things in the show that I will not get into on this blog. But if you’ve seen it, Yes, it’s based on a true story and it did happen to me. I am just crazy and obsessive enough to conduct a social experiment with 38 characters and have it overtake my life.
  • How much of the show is Real? All of it. I mean the fake Undateable characters we posted are not. But what is presented onstage is Verbatim monologues from those characters as well as actual text from REAL people we interacted with on OkCupid.
  • But what about the stats? Yep. All real. Bob and I did a lot of research when we wrote the initial show. A lot of it was helped along by OkCupid’s blog Ok Trends. But we also did research on online dating, in general. And later got more in-depth insider statistics  when we built out the show. It is all accurate. Trust me. I’m very anal.
  • There are so many new apps out there now. Why did you choose OkCupid? I didn’t choose it. It chose me. Everything in the stage show is true. I only logged on because my friend Lauri called me and asked me for advice on her profile she had just set up. I needed a profile to log on so I took five minutes and created a silly cat lady and the rest is history. I DO feel fortunate that OkCupid was what I stumbled onto because it’s the only site that allows you to basically write your own biography and choose how you choose to present yourself. That’s what fascinates me. Those other apps are new and trending and totally relevant to online dating. But I have no interest in writing a show about swiping right or left. I want words! And personality! That’s where the humor of our show comes in.

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