Summer Lovin’

Ready For A Hot Summer Fling?



That’s right. #DateMe has been extended through the summer.

Sick of us yet? TOO BAD. Because we LOVE You.

We’ve been running for TWO AND A HALF YEARS. Which is kind of mind-blowing.

But we wouldn’t be here without the immense support of our audience members. AND  so many people who have given positive write-ups and features.

Meet The Windy City Bloggers

Last summer, before I started DateMe Diaries, I wanted to do my research. And I discovered the perfect group — Windy City Bloggers.

I dove in hard. I love seeing pictures of Fashionable people (I wish I was one!), Foodies, Fitness tips, and just reading people’s personal stories.

#DateMe is my personal story. And I’m always so happy when it resonates with people. Sometimes I wonder why as I never consider myself that interesting of a person. I would MUCH rather hear about other people than shine a spotlight on me.

My Inner Self Says…

Look Away
Look Away. Look AWAY!

Yep. That’s the real me. The voice inside my head. Scary, right?!

ANYWAY, my favorite parts of the show are interacting with the audience and chatting with them afterwards. I love hearing their individual dating adventures almost more than I enjoy telling my own story.

I guess my point is — We’re all interesting in our own ways. And I so greatly admire all these Bloggers who spend HOURS every week crafting perfect posts and sharing THEIR personal stories.

SO… I thought I’d start a new feature this summer where we…

Share The Love

…and highlight our supporters. And people that we are fans of, too!

A few weeks ago (and last summer) I invited several bloggers out to see #DateMe. And the response was so positive!

I had the best time meeting everyone after the show.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.33.30
Windy City Bloggers — Dulce Arroyo, Megan Zink, Robyn Lynne Norris, Kit Graham, & Alexandra Fulton

This week we feature Dulce Arroyo.


She’s a high school teacher in Chicago. And her blog A Juxtaposed Mind is where she shares her…

“…thoughts, raves, opinions, and any beautiful or interesting moments in my life I wish to post.”

I love her upbeat attitude and adventurous spirit.

And she was kind enough to feature us recently in her blog post: A Sweet Start To Summer 2017


It’s a great read and features several other things Dulce is excited about for the Summer of 2017.

Thank you, Dulce!

We’ll be looking at other Bloggers in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

And Now… YOU!!

Every week we feature our favorite moments from the previous week’s #DateMe audience.

We had submissions via:


Follow us on those platforms!

Who knows. YOU might be featured!

6 Things You Can’t Live Without

One of the questions OkCupid asks their users is:

“What Are The 6 Things You Can’t Live Without?”

We recite several of these answers from user profiles Verbatim in #DateMe.

But then we want to hear from YOU.

We asked. You Tweeted.

Here Are This Week’s Favorites:

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.53.20

Barrett, you sound like a REALLY good time!

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.51.28

Robin (love the name)… I hope that’s a single Avocado. Just one VERY special Avocado.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.51.48

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.53.13

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.52.05

Aww… Polar Bears. Grass. Love. SO CUTE. Oh, and Tampons, Advil, and Guac. HA!

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.52.22

Yep. Soup With Cheese definitely needs it’s own number.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.52.14

Aww… Katie. You’re making us Blush!

I Love When People Include Pics With Their 6 Things:

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.18.50.jpg

And My Favorite…. “Soap User”?

Screenshot 2017-06-24 14.51.34

Um, That List Is AMAZING.

Pretty Sure You Are Soulmates With My Character:

A2_247.00_Clean-4U-84Screenshot 2017-06-30 13.12.04

Looks Like I Only Did 5.

What Do You Think Clean4U’s 6th Thing Should Be?…

Profile Names

We ask our audience to create their own Profile Names.

This Week’s Favorite’s Are:



YIKES! I’ll be honest. This name sorta scares me.

Before our first date I request that we exchange nonsensical braggadocios Tweets — You know, just to make sure you’re qualified for your position.

Fashionably Nerdy
Fashionably Nerdy

This is more my speed. I got the Nerdy part DOWN. And I always appreciate good fashion.

Favorite Pics

I’ll do my regular collage of pics below. But some audience Pics need to be posted with their captions…

We Hope He Called…

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.07.16

Aw! It Does Exist. It Does! (Maybe??)

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.08.06

Oh No. This Is Every Friendship I’ve Ever Had. I’m Always The Girl On The Left…

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.29.30

First Of All, This Guy’s Name Is GRUMSTAGRAM. Amazing.

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.33.59

Secondly, he’s wearing a Fanny Pack.

Third, his friend spelled it “Fanypack” and owned it.

I love Everything about this post.

And speaking of GRUMP…

This Dude. His Face. And His Hashtags. HA!

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.39.41

And We Gotta Celebrate The LOVE:

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.32.17

Screenshot 2017-06-24 15.28.10

Screenshot 2017-06-27 13.53.13

SO Cute. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

#DateMe Photo Booth

As always, I’ll close out this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth & show this week.

There were TOO many good ones to choose from! If you want a bigger view, just click the photo.

This Summer Is Your Last Chance To See Us In Chicago!

So get to UP Comedy Club for #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment THIS WEEKEND!

AND don’t forget to follow DateMe Diaries on ALL the platforms for daily content:

Much Love,






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I'm Robyn Lynne Norris, the creator of the live comedy show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment. I'm overly emotional & I believe in love. If you're reading this site, I probably love you. Maybe not in THAT way. Love can mean many things. Don't make this weird. Xoxo

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