OkCupid Co-Founder Sam Yagan Answers YOUR Questions!

It’s Been A Busy Couple Weeks at #DateMe!

Not only did we have our shows as usual. We had Tons of great Audience submissions via Social Media.

And our very special guest Sam Yagan, Co-Founder of OkCupid came back to do a Live Q&A with us after the show last week!!!

Yes, I Just Used Multiple Exclamation Points Because It IS That Exciting!

Sam is our FAVORITE guest and it’s always fascinating to hear him answer questions from our audience members and viewers.

So Without Further Ado…

Meet Sam Yagan:


Here is a pic of ME interviewing Sam onstage while he gets REAL with an audience member.

His answers are always so candid. We Love that!

Robyn Lynne Norris interviews Sam Yagan, Co-Founder of OkCupid!                                              Photo courtesy: Carisa Barreca.

And here’s me and Sam Backstage. I’m trying not to TOO be excited. Is it working???


“But We Want To See The Q & A!!!”

I hear you. We’re still editing together our Q&A and will have footage of that for you soon.

In the meantime, here is the Facebook Live I hosted with Sam last year. We did this before I started DateMe Diaries, so I think it’s worth revisiting.

Some FASCINATING stuff here.

So, that’s our friend, Sam Yagan. We love him and hope to have him back at #DateMe soon!

We hope YOU, the readers, enjoyed meeting Sam. And now it’s time to feature YOU, the audience, in…

Our Weekly Roundup!

Every week we feature our favorite moments from the previous week’s #DateMe audience.

We had submissions via:


Follow us on those platforms!

Who knows. YOU might be featured!!!

Profile Names

We ask our audience to create their own Profile Names.

This Week’s Favorites Are:

Sad and Boujee

I appreciate the play on “Bad and Boujee” by turning it to Sad. I WISH I was Bad and Boujee… but, let’s be real. I’d be SAD and Boujee, too.

From Profile Names To Insta Art…

I LOVE when people take creative pictures with their Profile Names.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.29.46
The Boy & The Girl
Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.50.25
These Glutes Are Made For Running

Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.22.22
All The Nope

Loving The Joint Profile Name…

Screenshot 2017-04-25 19.14.23

And, For Real…

Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.35.18
I Won’t Cook 4 You

I Won’t. I CAN’T. I’m Terrible at it. #DateMe! #TakeOut4Eva #SorryNotSorry

6 Things You Can’t Live Without

One of the questions OkCupid asks their users is:

“What Are The 6 Things You Can’t Live Without?”

We recite several of these answers from user profiles Verbatim in #DateMe.

But then we want to hear from YOU.

We asked. You Tweeted.

This Is My Favorite Exchange Of The Week:


Screenshot 2017-05-02 14.49.03

Screenshot 2017-05-02 14.49.10

Screenshot 2017-05-02 15.01.32

SOOOO Many Good 6 Things Lately. Other Recent FAVES:

Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.44.35Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.45.42Screenshot 2017-04-25 12.47.00Screenshot 2017-04-25 12.47.21

GIRL! I don’t know Danny Benson but I REALLY hope you’re on HIS 6 Things, too!

Screenshot 2017-04-25 12.47.31Screenshot 2017-04-25 16.44.10

It’s about time someone gave C&C Music Factory a Shoutout.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 16.47.27Screenshot 2017-04-25 16.48.34

And I Really Appreciate 6 SEPARATE Tweets of 6 Things…

Screenshot 2017-04-17 02.46.54

Favorite Pics

I’ll do my regular collage of pics below. But some audience Pics need to be posted with their captions…

Screenshot 2017-04-25 17.52.59

Screenshot 2017-04-25 19.21.35

Screenshot 2017-05-02 15.14.15

Screenshot 2017-04-25 19.17.46

Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.09.45

Screenshot 2017-04-17 03.52.53

#DateMe Photo Booth

As always, I’ll close out this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth & show this week.

There were TOO many good ones to choose from! If you want a bigger view, just click the photo.

Look How Much Fun Everyone Is Having!

So get to UP Comedy Club for #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment THIS WEEKEND!

AND don’t forget to follow DateMe Diaries on ALL the platforms for daily content:

Much Love,


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I'm Robyn Lynne Norris, the creator of the live comedy show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment. I'm overly emotional & I believe in love. If you're reading this site, I probably love you. Maybe not in THAT way. Love can mean many things. Don't make this weird. Xoxo

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