Ohhhhh…SNAP! (chat)

Let’s Connect…in a Totally Disposable Way.

Our show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment is all about connection. And we want to connect with you. And what more fun way than in the ten-second, filter-filled, disposable world of Snapchat?!

If you’re not on Snapchat, GET ONBOARD! And follow us @DateMeShow for Daily Snaps and Nightly Stories.

No? Not there yet? Let me try to convince you more…

Here’s why Snapchat is Fun:

  • Filters that Make You Look Beautiful, Crazy, or Hilarious
  • Inside Jokes with Friends
  • Stickers, Emojis, and Text Captioning
  • Quick Glimpses of Videos That Tell a Story…and Then DISAPPEAR!

And here’s why Snapchat is Fun at #DateMe:

  • Behind the Scenes Bits/Jokes with the Cast – What REALLY Goes On Backstage
  • Following the Entire Night Out at the #DateMe Experience… aka People Watching
  • Meeting REAL Audience Members on Dates at the Show
  • Seeing POTENTIAL Love Connections Happen Right Before Your Eyes in Real Time
  • Post Show Fun at the 1959 Bar Where the Cast and Audience Members Hang Out together.

Robyn, Your Voice Sounds Weird In Your Snapchats. What Gives??

Well, that’s because sometimes it’s not me.

The #DateMe Experience starts about an hour before the actual house lights dim and the cast takes the stage — There’s a Photo Booth, Profile Name Stickers to fill out, Programs to read, and Drinks to be drunk!

While I’m backstage with the cast SOMEONE has to run the show. And that’s the lovely Kristina Leng! Kristina greets the audience, snaps their pics, gets their stories, and gives YOU snippets of the entire evening in Real Time.

But enough words. Let’s meet her via Snap!

Wait? Who was that Cody guy? If I come to the show do I have to get onstage?

Good question! No, no, no! #DateMe IS an experience. But it’s YOUR experience. There’s plenty of pre-show fun to participate in, in the lobby. But if you want to just sit back and watch the show, that’s your call. No pressure! You came here to laugh. And we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

But if you DO want to participate…

Audience Members Find Love??!!…

I told you! This show is about CONNECTION!

Every show we interview two single audience members and improvise what it would be like if they met in real life.

And, sometimes, as fate would have it, they DO meet up at the bar after the show!

Meet Mike & Katie… I mean this could be a SERIOUS love connection!

Two Show Night In One Minute!

Ever curious about what REALLY goes on backstage at a live comedy show?

While Kristina is working the lobby and the audience members are taking their seats, the cast of #DateMe is hanging out backstage — doing vocal warm-ups, being SUPER professional… but also sending snaps of our own, getting WEIRD, and basically entertaining ourselves.

Take a peek Behind the Curtain. Here’s a sample of what a Two Show night at #DateMe looks like in ONE Minute!

Backstage Snaps Get SNAPPY!

Inevitably the cast likes to tease each other. As comedians we have pretty thick skins and make fun of each other out of love. But sometimes the public misinterprets.

Such was the case in the Dana Robie versus Greg Komorowski Snapchat DRAMA.

Greg is seriously one of the nicest people in the world. But he also talks to himself and makes a lot of silly faces backstage without realizing he’s doing it.

Dana Robie is a Snapchat QUEEN and has caught him in the act several times running lines to himself and just generally looking Nutballs.

She started snapping about how much she hates him and it’s quickly become a favorite joke amongst the cast. But some viewers who didn’t know the backstory actually thought she was serious. She started getting inquiries like…

“Do you HATE that Greg guy?”

“I’m so sorry you have to put up with that.”

“Why is he so terrible?”

“What did he DO?!?!”

And so… Dana had to suck up her pride and publicly apologize. Even though we all knew she was joking.

Here’s a Visual of How It All Went Down…

I love this freaking cast! And I know you will, too.

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Screenshot 2016-07-20 01.46.02
Greg Komorowski

Twitter: @gregkomo

Instagram: @gregkom

Screenshot 2016-07-20 01.58.12
Kristina Leng

Instagram: @kristinaleng

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Torian Miller

Instagram: @torianmiller

Robyn Lynne Norris

Twitter: @robynlnorris

Instagram: @robynlynnenorris

Dana Robie

Twitter: @danzrobz

Instagram: @danzrobz

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Kimberly Michelle Vaughn

Instagram: @britishcatwoman

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This Message Will Delete In…

“Robyn! Thank you SO much for editing these Snapchat videos for us. We look forward to more!”

Awww… First of all, your welcome. Very nice of you to say.

Second, NOT SO FAST!!!

As I said at the top of this post, Snapchat is Disposable. You got a glimpse. But that’s it.

If you want to see real time interactions follow us nightly @DateMeShow.

And stay tuned for more Backstage moments on #DateMe’s Snapchat!

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I'm Robyn Lynne Norris, the creator of the live comedy show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment. I'm overly emotional & I believe in love. If you're reading this site, I probably love you. Maybe not in THAT way. Love can mean many things. Don't make this weird. Xoxo

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