Would You Date Our Audience?

One of my favorite things about #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment is that…

It’s Not Just a Show. It’s An Experience. Featuring YOU!

Audience Members… Welcome To The Spotlight!

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Who’s Got Game? – The Art of the PickUp Line

With The Popularity Of Online Dating Words Are More Important Now Than Ever…

Sure you need to post a killer Profile Pic. But beyond that, NO ONE is going to message you if the words in your profile aren’t telling a story — A clever, funny, totally YOU story.

Guys, remember that women’s Inboxes are FLOODED with messages.

You really need a good intro line to stand out from the crowd.

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We’re Baaaaack…

Ever Wonder What Goes On Behind The Scenes When Remounting a Show?

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Let’s Get Back Together…

I Know I Left You Without Saying Goodbye I’m the female version of a D’bag! We were CONNECTING! I was posting material!  You were commenting! It was an all around LOVE affair and then I just VANISHED! I ghosted! I got overwhelmed. Too much of a good thing. It wasn’t You. It was ME! #DateMe went on […]

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Ohhhhh…SNAP! (chat)

Backstage Snaps get SNAPPY! — What Really goes on behind the scenes of the live stage comedy #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment?

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What’s in a name? (A Profile Name)

In the year 2016 where people meet online BEFORE they meet in person, a profile name could be Killer (as in awesome, “I’m in mad mental lust with this person already”) or KILL (as in send your potential soul mate racing to block your profile forever. Done. Dead. Over.).

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