A Zombie Bride, Rat Kings, and TRUE LOVE…???

It was a Love Fest this weekend at #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment!

Heading into the weekend we thought we might have light houses due to it being Halloween Weekend and also the Cubs being in the World Series!!! We figured people would be at bars instead of at a show about Online Dating.

But It Turned Out To Be An Amazing Weekend!

We had:

  • Audience Members In Full Costume
  • A REAL LIFE Love Connection At Our Show
  • An Anonymous Love Letter From An Audience Member

And, as for the Cubbies… You know by now that they WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!

Now, I’m not a sports fan but it was hard to deny the excitement of everyone in Chicago.

And Since It Means So Much To So Many Of My Friends…

Yep. I’m onboard. Congrats to the Cubs! And that’s me, Dana Robie, & our stage manager Jaci Entwisle catching the end of a game downstairs at 1959 Kitchen & Bar.

1959 is an Amazing Bar located downstairs with craft cocktails, beers, and yummy FOOD!

They always treat our cast with so much love. Special shout out to John Sullivan who always has a table waiting for us. And our regular waiter, Augustine Dunn. We love you guys!

The entire staff of 1959 is always so kind to the #DateMe cast and crew. We love heading down there every night and meeting our audience. And speaking of Audience…

It’s Time For Our Weekly Roundup.

Every week we feature our favorite moments from the previous week’s #DateMe audience, posing the question, “Would YOU Date Our Audience?”

We’re pretty sure the answer is YES. Because they’re Hilarious!

We had submissions via:


Follow us on those platforms!

And read on to see it all. Who knows. YOU might be featured!!!

Here Are This Week’s Audience Favorites:

PickUp Lines

We asked for your Best Pickup Lines. And you gave them.

Hey! Wanna Betamax and Chillax?

We appreciate the old-school play on Netflix and Chill.

Are you from Ireland? Cuz when I see you my dick be Dublin!

Haha! “Dick be Dublin” did make me laugh.

Profile Names

We ask our audience to create their own Profile Names.

This week’s winner goes to:

Dirty Red

That name lends itself to several interpretations. We’ll leave it to you to decide the true meaning.

KITTIES Pics Of The Week

As you know, my main profile TracyLovesCats LOVES Kitties!!!

And we’ve got a GreenScreen Photo Booth where you can rock out to your inner Cat Lady (or Cat Man).

This week’s pics were FIESTY!


Audience Member Of The Week:

Well, this week we are featuring TWO audience members.

Meet Jeremy (aka Profile Name “JackOffJeremy14”) and Stephanie (aka “Susry”).

Jeremy “JackOffJeremy14” and Stephanie “Susry”

They were chosen at random from the audience for our Saturday night show.

Here They Are Backstage With The Cast…

Jeremy, Stephanie, & the #DateMe Cast

And Here They Are Downstairs After The Show HANGING OUT TOGETHER!!!!

Post Show LOVE!!!!

That’s right! We ran into them downstairs and they were totally TOGETHER!

Now who knows where the night led them but we hope (based on their online dating “profiles” from the show) that they fed each other strawberries and ended up moving to Canada together!

Regardless, this makes my heart So Happy!

And speaking of a Happy Heart.

I Actually Got A Love Letter This Weekend…

Ok. It wasn’t a Love Letter in THAT way. But it was still amazing.

After our late show on Saturday, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn  came backstage and said:

“Hey, someone left this on the stage. You should see it.”

In her hand she was holding one of our “Pickup Lines” cards.

But it wasn’t a pickup line. It was a lovely hand written message that said:

“I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend and your show really touched me. It has given me hope that I am not alone in this struggle. You have inspired me. Thank you.”

WHAT?! Ok. This is incredible. I love that this person put their heart out there and left it for us. I later got to meet him and his friends after the show and it was just such a pure joy.

I went home feeling uplifted and happy. It is so nice to know we are reaching people. Even with a comedy show.

NOTE: Incidentally, I don’t have a picture of this card because I am in the process of moving my stuff back to Los Angeles. And I took the card home because I want to keep it Forever, and Ever! But I’ll update the post when I’m home next week. It means even more to see it in nice handwritten form.

So I got that lovely letter. And for the second week in a row…

Dana Robie’s Got Fans!

One of my favorite things about our show is seeing audience members go up to the cast afterwards. And I Triple Love it when they post about it on Social Media.

This week these guys came to the show:


Ok. I’m already IN LOVE with them based off this RIDICULOUS pic.

But then after the show they were waiting for Dana to come out so they could snap a pic.

And Then This Showed Up On Instagram:


A lovely pic collage with the caption:

Screenshot 2016-11-04 14.42.49.png

Awww… so cute! And then:


Incidentally, we think Dana has what it takes to make it, too. Thanks “sbusiness13”!

And all of the cast have fans. This is just the one I happened to see this week!

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween…

And that means people wear costumes ALL WEEKEND long.

Here are some of our favorites.

Kickass Lady Superheroes!
Cedric and Cho Chang from Harry Potter!

I Freaking LOVE Harry Potter.

And I love even more their adorable description on Instagram:



And Then We Had THIS.

Zombie Bride

Loving this Bride Zombie!

And she also brought her RAT FRIENDS!

And Her RAT Friends!

We saw some Rat Heads sitting in the audience before the show on Sunday. We thought it was hilarious and loved their sense of humor.

We later got to meet then when they were partying at 1959 Kitchen & Bar.

Just a Couple of Rat Kings and Their Bride Partying At The Bar.

We highly recommend you visit 1959 Kitchen & Bar for some good eats and drinks before or after seeing #DateMe.

And if you follow them on Instagram, please let them know that DateMe Diaries and DateMe Show sent you!

CAST Snapchat Of The Week

We had shows to do so we couldn’t wear Halloween costumes because we are PROFESSIONALS!!!

But it was super easy to put on some Snapchat FILTERS!!!!

And, as always, Beware… we ladies like to drop the F-Bomb. Sorry! (Not Sorry)

NOTE: I KNOW I have a poppy seed in my teeth in one of these. WHATEVER!

FUN FACT: There were Evil filters for the Goat and Deer over Halloween. But they didn’t show up on my phone.

Dana had them. But I didn’t.

So… I guess I’m SO GOOD, Evil Can’t Penetrate Me!

#DateMe Photo Booth

As always, I’ll close out this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth this week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We Close This Weekend!

That’s right. It’s our Last Weekend of #DateMe in 2016!

So get your butt down to UP Comedy Club.

Come to the show and YOU may be featured.

And comment below with any of YOUR favorite Pickup LinesProfile NamesAwkward Dating Stories, or pics!

And don’t forget to follow DateMe Diaries on ALL the platforms for daily content:

Much Love,




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I'm Robyn Lynne Norris, the creator of the live comedy show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment. I'm overly emotional & I believe in love. If you're reading this site, I probably love you. Maybe not in THAT way. Love can mean many things. Don't make this weird. Xoxo

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