A #DateMe Reunion, A Special Guest, & One Very Drunk Woman…

Our audience members are the BEST. For the most part…

This was a Special Week for #DateMe. We had a mini-reunion, a special guest, and, yes, a Crazy DRUNK Lady.


You Won’t Believe What One Woman Yelled Out During The Show This Week!

More on that later…

It’s Time For Our Weekly Roundup

Every week we feature our favorite moments from the previous week’s #DateMe audience, posing the question, “Would YOU Date Our Audience?”

We’re pretty sure the answer is YES. Because they’re Hilarious! (except that one lady)

We had submissions via:


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And read on to see it all. Who knows. YOU might be featured!!!

Here Are This Week’s Audience Favorites:

PickUp Line

We asked for your Best Pickup Lines. So I guess we deserved this…

I Named My Dick “The Truth” Cause Bitches Can’t Handle It! 🙂

This made me laugh.

But then I thought, “Hm…a little crass, my man, throwing down the “B” word along with Dick.”

Then I got to the end and saw the SMILEY FACE.

Suddenly, I’ve forgotten how crass it is and now I’m just laughing and thinking this guy’s a sweetheart!

He’s a master PLAYER!

Profile Names

We ask our audience to create their own Profile Name. This is what they came up with…


Obviously, this is a play on Fairy Godmother.

But I didn’t know what WOD meant. So I did some investigating.

Google told me that WOD means (in Crossfit terms) — “Workout Of The Day”.

So this username means: Fairy Workout Of The Day Godmother???

I can only assume this means that a Fairy appears and grants a specific Workout Of The Day.

So…. Crossfit for Cinderella.


Awkward Dating Stories

We asked. You Tweeted. Here are this week’s favorite #DontBeMine Awkward Dating Stories:


Poor Andrea! This is sad. Especially because it was BREAKFAST.


Susie, I gotta admit. I think you’re cool. And I don’t think this is that bad.

I mean, maybe buy some socks and lose the “sweaty” part.

But the superhero t-shirt is kinda dope. Who says you have to dress up for dates?!

Now this next one is an old one I found but I couldn’t resist because it’s TOO WEIRD.


WHAT?! I guess it’s some kind of poetry. Let me break this down…

You have dope

(as in drugs or just being really cool)

was in your soul

Apparently it’s no longer there. So you did all the drugs or you are no longer really cool. You’re EMPTY.


Them cats see it

ALL “them” felines see it and recognize that…

You’re a natural.

BOOM! All that lead-up to a perfectly normal sentence.

That, my friends, is poetry. Or someone in an altered state (dope) trying to express himself.

KITTIES Pic Of The Week

As you know, my main profile TracyLovesCats LOVES Kitties!!!

And we’ve got a GreenScreen Photo Booth where you can rock out to your inner Cat Lady (or Cat Man).

It’s usually really cute and wacky!


But I appreciate this take as well.


This girl is a BADASS!!!

And I love the tiny cat on the shoulder and the GIANT cat on the side that they are COMPLETELY IGNORING!

CAST Pic Of The Week

We had a VERY special guest in the house this week!

Jeff Strickland, Peter Collins, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, Sam Super, Dana Robie, Torian Miller, Stacey Smith, Kate Baldwin, Terry O’Quinn, Matt Castelvi.

It’s our Beautiful Cast AND Terry O’Quinn from LOST!

Believe it or not this is his THIRD time seeing #DateMe! I am so grateful that he is a fan of the show. I am a HUGE fan of HIS and I geeked out the first time he came!

Terry came this past week because he was supporting the very talented Stacey Smith. Stacey was in the show earlier this year as a regular cast member. And she went in this Sunday as MY Understudy! I’ve never missed a show in 2 years so this was a really big deal.

So grateful that she was available. And so very nice of Terry and the lovely Kate Baldwin to come and support.

We also had our friend Peter Collins from earlier this year back in the mix. So it was a big #DateMe reunion!

Audience Volunteers Of The Week

Ok. These are NOT the volunteers of the week. But it’s worth posting for the story…

This is adorable Norman “VeryCurious” and Taylor “IRideHorsesButNotInASexualWay”. Yep. That was her profile name in the show!

Made for a very interesting interview. But she was VERY happy to see Norman backstage. And the look on Torian’s face is priceless!

Robyn Lynne Norris, Sam Super, Peter Collins, Dana Robie, Taylor “IRideHorsesButNotInASexualWay”, Norman “VeryCurious”, Torian Miller, and Kimberly Michelle Vaughn.

SIDENOTE: We thought Taylor was hilarious but when I went to thank her in the show outro she was gone! She and her friends had so much fun (And so many DRINKS) that they left at intermission.

Certainly not the norm. But she was fun while we had her!

And speaking of DRUNK people…

That brings us to our True Audience Volunteers of the week.

Meet Ted (“DenimVestTed”) and Abby (“A_QUINNY”). They were both ADORABLE!

“A_QUINNY” & “DenimVestTed”

Don’t worry! They were not the DRUNK ones! They were ADORABLE!

But something odd happened during the audience interview during the show. Peter was asking Abby for her “6 Things You Can’t Live Without”.

Abby mentioned Men AND women because she is bisexual.

And then a highly intoxicated woman shouted from across the room “WHAT ABOUT OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST?!?!?!?”

And everything came to a screeching halt! The interview was going so well. And Abby was charming and engaging.

We think EVERYONE in the audience was a bit shocked.

Then Abby politely listed “Tolerance” as one of her 6 Things (classy move, Abby!) and we continued on without a hitch.

But that was definitely a first. And we’re proud of Abby for not getting flustered! She definitely won our hearts.

We Ran Into Our Friends After The Show…


Abby, Ted, & Dana Robie

#DateMe Photo Booth

As always, I’ll close out this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth this week.

Here’s a brief recap of last weekend:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See You This Weekend!

Come to the show and YOU may be featured. Stay tuned next week!

And comment below with any of YOUR favorite Pickup Lines, Profile Names, Awkward Dating Stories, or pics!

And don’t forget to follow DateMe Diaries on ALL the platforms for daily content:

Much Love,


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