Would You Date Our Audience?

I would!

One of my favorite things about #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment is that…

It’s Not Just a Show. It’s An Experience. Featuring YOU!

Our audience is encouraged to:

We also featured a couple unsuspecting (yet game!) audience members in our improv portion of the show each night.

There’s too much good material here. So…

Audience Members…Welcome To The Spotlight!

Photo Sep 22, 7 49 01 PM.jpg

Every Wednesday I’m going to feature YOU!

Here Are This Week’s Audience Favorites:

Awkward Dating Stories

We asked. You Tweeted. Here are this week’s favorite #DontBeMine Awkward Dating Stories:

Nora had a couple good ones:


We agree. That’s too Fast! #ChillBro


This is AMAZING. I kind of want to meet this guy. Is that supposed to be a turn on?

Does he carry this towel everywhere??!!


Katie! It sounds like there were two people involved in this. And one of them was you? #DontBeYours?


Jessica. This is INSANE. In our Undateable experiment we created a character called PuppetFrnd84.

He was too shy to find a date so he posted a profile in the voice of his puppet…


We’ll feature the full PuppetFrnd84 in a future post.


Dude, I would LOVE to finish this story but I have no clue what happens here??

  • He asked you to drive the car while he was underneath it? Like action movie/Cape Fear style?
  • He asked you to drive while he got in the backseat with his ex?

I mean, I’m out. Seriously baffled. Great story!

Also, I’m scared for you. I hope you got a restraining order!

Profile Names

Capricorn G.O.A.T. & Sultry Scorpio

NOTE: Capricorn’s animal symbol is the Goat.

But G.O.A.T. also stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.

PickUp Line

If I were a cat I’d spend all nine lives WITH YOU!

KITTIES Pic Of The Week

As you know, my main profile TracyLovesCats LOVES Kitties!!!

And we’ve got a GreenScreen Photo Booth where you can rock out to your inner Cat Lady (or Cat Man).

Kitties! Kitties! Kitties!

Audience Member Of The Week

This week’s Ultimate Audience Member is Tommy Statlander!

He was so inspired by our #DateMe character Mr. NightlifeTron that he made this pic when he saw an APPETIZERS sign.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I hope more audience members are inspired to take pictures featuring our characters’ catchphrases. Kudos, Tommy!

Favorite Food: APPETIZERS!
Favorite Food: APPETIZERS!

Audience Volunteers Of The Week

Ok. ALL of our volunteers are amazing. It’s hard to choose. But some just stand out. This week’s featured audience volunteers were ADORABLE!

This week we’re featuring Ron and Sinachi.

Ron was so endearing and earnest with his answers when he was interviewed.

And Sinachi… this girl is HILARIOUS! Seriously, look out for her in the future. She should get into comedy.

Ron & Sinachi AKA “VeganRon” & “FriesEater”

#DateMe PhotoBooth

I’ll close off this post with some of my favorite photos from the #DateMe Photo Booth this week. I truly love our Audience Members.

I love meeting them.

I love seeing them laugh.

And I love watching them take goofy pics.

Here’s a brief recap of last weekend:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We Appreciated These Shoutouts On Social Media!

Seriously. Tag Us In Your Pics!!

Total Badass!
Hahaha!!! Killer Facial Expression!

Happy Birthday, Lissa!

A few weeks ago we got a super sweet request from Alex to celebrate her friend Lissa’s Birthday! They brought the Most Fun group of ladies to the show. And the cast got to meet with them afterwards and say Happy Birthday to Lissa.

They were so much fun and it totally made my night to see how happy and surprised Lissa was!

Here’s a pic of Lissa and her friends.

Lissa (in the red veil) celebrating her birthday with her girlfriends!

See You This Weekend!

We had a blast last weekend. And we’ve got 6 more #DateMe shows this weekend at UP Comedy Club.

Come to the show and YOU may be featured. Stay tuned next week!

And comment below with any of YOUR favorite pickup lines, profile names, awkward dating stories, or pics!

Much Love,



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I'm Robyn Lynne Norris, the creator of the live comedy show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment. I'm overly emotional & I believe in love. If you're reading this site, I probably love you. Maybe not in THAT way. Love can mean many things. Don't make this weird. Xoxo

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